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My boyfriend is like you. He gets frustrated and very angry with me for having mostly male friends. This makes him go insane at times. He has a go at me for being 'naive' and 'stupid' for not realizing that these guys want more than just a friendship which is untrue. He has many female friends and when i turn the argument back to him he replies "i dont see my female friends like that" and i reply "well my male friends dont see me like that" but he doesnt accept this. He makes me feel terrible and abnormal puts me off him. Sometimes he asks me "do you do this for attention?" he doesnt seem to realise i had these male friends long before he showed up. its just me- most girls i know are very bitchy and are not into the same things as I am whereas men are.
Please, for your own good, back off. Yeah, I admit it can get daunting and I do find the professor thing weird, but that doesnt mean she shouldnt have male friends. Shes probably just like very loyal and love my boyfriend and, yes, msot of my friends are guys...but that doesnt mean anything. honestly.
calm down, relax, she is with you. enjoy it. ok? otherwise kiss goodbye to the relationship.

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