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Re: Trust issue
Mar 12, 2007
I had trust issues right off the bat because all my other relationships ended in me being cheated on. I tried to be trusting in my man (now husband) and not be jealouse. Things worked out well at 1st. He never did anything like stare at another girl to make be distrust him and eventually after a few years of dating we got married. One day we were in a restaurant and the waitress was totally flurting with him. She didn't even look at me when she finally stopped flurting with my husband and asked me for my order! I even caught him looking at her once in a while as we sat there. I got mad at him and when I confronted him he said the same thing your boyfriend did. I felt bad and thought it was all the waitresse's fault because she was flurting and he was trying to be nice. However I wasn't totally convinced because it didn't explain why he was staring at her. Anyway another time this girl we both knew kept moving her chair closer and closer to him as they talked. He didn't make an attempt to move away when she got really close and when she noticed I was staring at her she walked away and he watched. That time I did not let it go. I told him I was not imagining anything he was staring at her. He still tried to say he wasn't but too this day he watches his step and doesn't stare at any other girls now. He may do it when I am not around but I don't know. He has never cheated on me that I am aware of ethier. I consider what your boyfriend did in class as rude and disrespectfull to you! I would wonder why he wanted her attention if he's not interested? So don't sweep it under the rug. I think you have a good reason to be mad about this. If he tries to say you are out of hand don't buy it. I would consider you out of hand if you monitoured his every movements, calls and conversations. I hate to say it, but I still keep in mind, no matter how well you think you watch them, if they are going to cheat they will find a way and it could be with anyone including a mutual friend. Not all cheat though, so keep that in mind too. Good luck!

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