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This is unbelievable!! I had several long talks with my mom and my older sister today and was definitley ready to fly out there to see him and give him the news. Then he calls me and we start talking and I tell him that I canceled my surgery and it can wait. He said, so you are coming out to tell me you want a divorce? I said well, I think that it would be the best for both of us. And he's like, you think? It's either yes or no. So, it was hard...I couldn't say it for like 10 minutes. Then he kept asking me, and he 's like you can't do this to me, do you want a divorce or not? So, I was like yes, that's my decision. I was making my clean break there. and he's like ok and we said bye and we'll talk when I fly out. Well, his parents are out there staying at our house. They had to go out there for a funeral. I really didn't want to tell him over the phone. So, my cell rings 2 min. later. He told his parents!! and his mom called me!!! I could NOT believe it! I was so mad! She starts asking me, how I am and what's going on. I told her there is stuff you don't know that has happened in the past and she's like, " He told me what happened. ANd the thing is I don't know exactly what he told her but regardless. Then she says, "you can't just do this all over the phone. I told her that was not my intention at all, that he wanted to know right then. So, I told her and she is trying to get me to work things out. She said I can't just throw it all out without trying. She had the nerve to say, that we all know how he acts, he's very outgoingand boisterous and does things to joke around. He will come around. I could not believe she said that!! She's like he did not cheat on you. I immediately just said that I didn't want to go in to details but I am hurt and have been for a couple years and that married men have no right to act like that! No one knows what it feels like. I was livid!!!! OMG!!!!!!! This is utterly ridiculous!! I just want to move on with my life!! So, the worst part about this is that I am living here in their house so I can finish school. I don't have anywhere else to go! If someone gave me a huge amount of money I would go live out of a hotel!!! THis is just horrible!! He said even if we went for counseling and I still want out, he understands and we will split everything evenly and neither one of us will get screwed and he'd make sure I was set up and wait a little longer so that I can get all my medical issues settled under his health insurance. I was really listening to my heart today and even though I do love him, I feel it is best we are over. My m-i-l said that "if you love him and you think divorce is for the best?" and then says, "that does not make any sense." She better not lecture me when they get back this week. This is so bad! I wish I had money to go get a place. And she says this, "you both always wanted to have kids." AND I was like, "I know, and I'm glad we don't have any because of all this. SO that is that, I could go on but I am exhausted!!!!

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