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[QUOTE=happymom28;2854611]If it is all so innocent then why is your hubby going out of his way to delete all the evidence from his phone? Print out the online phone bill, highlight all the calls and texts between the two of them, and confront him with it.

She has nothing to do with this. Like a PP said, he could have told her he was single or whatever. Your anger belongs with your hubby. He is lying to you, he is going behind your back, and he is wrong!

Is there anyway to call the phone company and get a print out of what the texts said? I have always wondered if that was possible. Wouldn't that be nice to find out what they have to say in 30 texts to eachother? Could be interesting.[/QUOTE]

I have confronted him about it before and he has constantly said that she is just an old friend and that they contacted each other on class mates last summer. And also in the past I had confronted him about why if it is all inoccent that the call are made away from me, 1st thing in the morning or while he is driving around at work. He told me its because he knows how I can overreact and doesnt want me to get all pissed at his so thts why he goes behind my back and then covers his tracks. Each time I 'find out' he goes at calling her in more sneaky ways. I feel if I confront him this time he will just contune calling her thru pay phones or calling cards to cover his ***. He has told me just last month that she knows about me (I doubt he has made us serious) and I was like what the hell could you possible be talkin about me about? And he told me that he talks about our problems!! I told him that is none of any1s buisness let alone some stranhger, and he tryies to pull the card that well I dont have any friends and that this is my first relationship (he is the only guy I ever dated) and that I dont know any better, that everyone talks about their relationship problems to others, just I wouldnt know. (Just because I dont have friends, or experience doent make me know what is right or wrong, but somehow thats his logic...)Anywhay I told him last month that I dont like him calling her (this is probably the 4 or 5th confrontation) He was all like well she called me! what was i supposed to do not answer and I was like YES!! So the first few times of me finding out I was pissed, now I am so numb to this all that it doenst get me all emotional anymore, I guess Im just tired of it all. He is never going to tell me the truth of whats really going on. He says that they are old friends but I feel like he is the one trying to go out of his way to make a over the phone relation ship (it that is even possible) Thats why I wanted to call her...not to yell or scream at her, or even to blame her...just to see what her side of the story is. Hopefully if she has a consious after I call she probably woulnt talk to him anymore...

as for the phone txt thing ..that is a really good idea, Im gonna call today to see if I can , but I think because its a privacy thing they wont relsease the words from the text (mabey only for leagal reaasons??) but hey its worth the shot...

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