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[QUOTE=brook65;2864643]Yeah I know - but am I right in thinking you would never admit this to your girlfreind?

My ex partner who was Narcisstic, (not saying you are, just a possibility) would feel easily attacked, would read into things wrongly, feel easily slighted and put down, and then would fly into a rage with verbal abuse (really bad) soul destroying verbal abuse! the anger would match the anger of someone who had just found out about an afair or something, but it was always over what I saw as NOTHING.

Every one has a point where they lose their temper, and then get over it once calmed down, in say about a couple of hours or so. My ex would go from happy to a rage in a couple of minutes - no build up! he also would disappear for a couple of weeks to calm down, which is aslong as it took.

We obvioulsy had a communication problem, whenever he misunderstood something, I would desperately try to put it right, but he always felt his first understanding was correct.

Our relationship was a no win situation, as he always had to be right.

Does this still sound like you?[/QUOTE]

It REALLY does. I tend to get angry at what my girlfriend describes to be meaningless things. The hate does subside after an hour or so, then I'm normal again and feel bad. I just know one day it will go so far as to us breaking up. Do you seriously think its Narc personalty disorder? I am not conceited or pompous or anything?

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