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[QUOTE=kirsten07;2872020]My boyfriend ....always thinks i'm cheating on him. ....he ..... freaked out and drew a conclusion ..... he left with some friends and wouldnt talk to me all night. i dont know who he is with and i'm scared he's talking to another girl or cheating on me, he has cheated on me in the past but we tried to work it out, he never wants to talk about it..... can anyone give me some advice on what to do here.[/QUOTE]

I picked out the parts of your post that I want you to read again. Read this again. You say that he thinks you're cheating on him. He DID cheat on you in the past but you forgave him. You're now worried he's cheating on you while he insists that you're cheating on him. And now you're asking what you should do?

This is simple. DUMP HIM!! First of all, he cheated on you already. That should have been your first clue that he's a total loser. Secondly, he keeps accusing YOU of cheating, when HE is the one who actually did it! In my experience (of which i've had a lot in this area), when the guy starts blaming you for cheating after he has already done so, it's usually because he has started cheating again and he feels guilty about it but would rather blame you than face his own shortcomings and the fact that he's a major loser.

He's an idiot! He's not worth your time! I think you'd be seriously better off if you just dumped this loser who cheated on you and who is most likely cheating on you again and now is blaming you for cheating when you have not cheated on him at all!!

This entire drama is so BS, I think you need to majorly put your foot down and just end it. That's the only thing that I believe would be the smart thing to do. To stay with this guy, who already has an anger management problem as you stated, is a complete and total waste of your time. You're not going to change him and make him a better person no matter how hard you try. He's always going to be an angry, selfish, cheating loser and why in the world would you settle for something like that when you could find yourself a bf who is loving, caring, sympathetic, wonderful and most of all Loyal to you?

Dump this idiot and move on. He's not worth your time, he's not worth your tears, and he's certainly not worth all of the effort you are putting into him. You would be doing yourself a huge, HUGE disservice by staying with this pig.

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