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[QUOTE=luvmy2kids;2887366]Laylah, I was following this thread and was curious (nosy) about what happened??[/QUOTE]

Oh hi Luvmy2kids, here's what happened: I got my bf out of the way as somebody (cant remember who) had suggested (no great effort involved there as he's currently living in his family's earhole - dont even get me started on that) and he didnt come home till around 10.30 am. She had decided to stay the night though, so we all spent a few hours together before bed-time.

There were no inappropriate comments out of her, and I'll tell you why: When she called in earlier that day we went shopping together before the child got home from school and as I was driving along she turned to me and went into this big long rambling speech about "Is your bf annoyed with me over something? Is everything ok? Have I said something I shouldnt have etc etc" (I thought the last question was particularly telling)

She reckoned he'd been "sort of cold" towards her as she was "saying hello" outside. (he'd left for his brothers house a few moments after she'd arrived - bad timing!) Of course her idea of "saying hello" is wrapping her arms around him and kissing him on the cheek. I had told him my concerns a couple of weeks ago and this was the first time he'd seen her since that, so yes, he's uncomfortable in her company now and she was [I]very quick[/I] in picking up on that.

It's pretty clear she's got the hint and I think it's better left like that. As I said, I love my sister and have a million and one genuine reasons for not wanting to confront her on this. If I did pull her up on it, it'd only be for the sake of scratching an itch that I have, and would go no way towards the greater good of the family. The inappropriate comments seem to have stopped, the kissy kissy crap I suppose I'll have to put up with, though it does annoy me and will continue to do so.

What do you think of this Luvmy2kids? Would you put up with the kissy kissy crap if you knew it was going to go no further?

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