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Hi ...
I am quite new to the board as well, but I must say your case sounds similar to many of the relationships I have had in the past.
Yes, she does need medication. Its hard for the one who is BP to see what they are doing to the ones they love. They are blind somewhat and kind of get irritated if you are given any flack

but medication does help...
she will need four weeks to show signs that she is better
plus she might be going through a post partum depression ...when you are the one with the mental illness and having or had a baby you have a tendency to head in the depression phase, which makes you irritable as all hell ... and what not ...picky at people
she might be insecure in herself, therefore finds whatever faults your son has ... what needs to happen is he needs to stand up on his own...and tell her how she makes him feel ... bring it to the forefront ...
anyway you bring someone with bp on the forefront ...they will attack back, but most will listen...
it takes time

Alex has aspergers and I have bp and bpd ..
he read a book called "Walking on Eggshells"
you may want to direct your son to that books he can read it ..and than let her read it ...because that is how our relationship has lasted for three years knowledge of our disorders ..
they say most mentally ill cant have a somewhat normal relationships ...and cant be in long productive relationships ...but if he calls her on the mat ..after he has read the book ...than he should get somewhere ...because he will have a introspect of her mind ... he will know what triggers her and hurts her ...what makes her tick tooo ..
so these Walking on Eggshell books ..are very informative ..forgive me .. I dont remember the author ...but I know he has a lot of books out there for various mental disorders and for the people living with the mentally ill ..

good luck

natalie jo

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