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My son and his girlfriend recently had a beautiful baby boy. She has confided in me all along about being bipolar. I have done my research and am still at wits end as to how to deal with her. I want to support her but all I am there for is a listening ear. She is never happy with my son and I allow her to go on about his imperfections. Am I wrong? I do not want to upset her even more, but I do get tired of her always being an expert on every topic and I mean every topic. She has such a sweet and caring side, but talks to my son with no respect. I have tried to talk to him and tell him to sit down with her when they are not so angry and be a support to her. Her own parents' tell him, Good Luck! What the heck does that mean!!? The obviously know what I am talking about. I haave pondered whether or not to call her mother and see what we can do. My son won't call. He is so stressed himself that it kills me to see him be passive and not confront her. She went back on her meds, Depakote and Ativan just last week, only after I encouraged her to go and see her doc. Help! It's just so hard watching this interaction or lack of it. It's her way or the highway.

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