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Mar 24, 2007
I met a guy about a year ago and really liked him. We didn't see much of each other, but we sent a lot of text messages right up to early this year. It was kind of weird, I guess. I liked him, and he liked me, but we just didn't arrange to meet up. I was always waiting for him to suggest something.

The whole time, I would always hope to run into him randomly. I would always think of him when on dates with other guys. I was just very attracted to him and couldn't get him out of my head.

On New Years Eve he left a drunk message saying how much he liked me and that he didn't expect me to reply, but he just had to let me know. A few days later I told him how I felt and said we should meet up or something. He said he was shocked that I would want to know him and that he was really looking forward to it.

We organised a 'date' for the weekend. Then he called it off and said he had to do 'stuff' for his parents, and he had hayfever, and he was tired, etc, etc. Just any excuse he could think of, I think.

After that, it was another month or so before we actually started seeing each other. Things moved pretty quick...
The whole time I worry that he doesn't like me. I don't know whether it is all my insecurity, or whether it is some vibe he gives off.

Anyway, I would just like someone's opinion on things now, because I just don't think it is working out.

He is only 21, I'm 23. We live about 45 minutes away, but I travel past his place on my trip to work, which is an hour. It makes sense that I just drop in at his place, rather than him come to mine - we both still live with our parents, too!

Anyway, we started off seeing each other 3 times a week - a couple of nights during the week and then a day on the weekend.

Now, we see each other maybe once - during the week.

I ask if he is bored, not interested, whatever and he completely denies it. He says he really likes me, more than I know. He wants me to get to know his friends more, and says he should meet my family as well. I've met his. He says how when I'm around things seem better. But then he acts like he forgets I exist most of the time when I'm not around.

Sometimes we don't even send text for a couple of days. Friday night he wanted me to go out with his friends, but I had a family thing on. Last night he asked at around 9:30 to come out with him and I said he should have let me know sooner, and that I didn't really feel like driving down there. He just said 'ok, night'. Afterwards I asked what he was doing today and he said he was going fishing. I said to let me know if he changes his plans and wants to do something. It's pouring rain all day, so I don't think he would be fishing, but I haven't heard from him.

So it is the second weekend we haven't seen each other once. I just don't see the point in having a boyfriend (he introduces me as his girlfriend) if I spend most of the weekend on my own hoping he might want to spend some time with me.

I do like him, but I am starting not to because I don't want to get hurt.
When he doesn't send a text and I ask why he gets all defensive and says he's having a hard time with things at home - which he didn't even mention to me until I asked what it was.

I just don't know. Should I even bother speaking with him about it to sort it out.......or just end it?
To me, him not wanting to do anything with me is not a good sign.

I think he just likes the idea of having me, but doesn't think he has to do anything to keep me.


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