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Seraph-after reading your stories; maybe I AM your baby sister....I was treated like something to be screwed with all the time. I remember my older brother making me inhale sniffing salt (no doubt stolen from some cop) when I was about 4 years old...I passed out COLD!!!! I know, it's supposed to wake people up-but, I must've really got a good whiff because I was out....Then, after us little kids would get hurt or something bad would happen, the big kids would kiss our wounds, hug, kiss etc, so that we wouldn't go crying to mom..hahahaaaaa..We used to shoot each other with bb guns, have horse races etc....It really was FUN!!!!

It is interesting that you are number 2, because from the older generation my number 2 is the only one I really keep in touch with....It's also nice to hear from everyone who is from the older generations of thier families....I am sure that my older siblings resented the crap out of us younger ones...I am sure that they felt like we had it good...To this day a big part of our problem is that I help my dad with his business and my older brothers can not stand that my dad comes to me for advice, ideas, etc.....It really burns thier butts that my dad actually trusts my judgment, and ideas...They can't believe that stupid little sister is the one dad turns to...And it is a huge point of contention for the whole family...Incidently, the reason I work with my dad is because I am a paralegal, and my hubby and I also own a business of our own-so basically, I can draft the legal docs that we may need and I know a little bit in my own right...It's not that dad loves me more or that I am smarter, better or whatever...It's because I am better suited than anyone else to assist him...But thier jealousies get in the way and they really treat me like crap...I mean, I'm 30 years old now...I'm not 2 needing them to change my diaper...

Also, another thing that I have learned is this: No matter where you fall in the line of kids, everyone has thier own little problems...We all think that my little brother is the most spoiled, and he is...But, he hates it because he feels like he'll never measure up, and doesn't really feel like part of the family...We all have thought he had it made being the last kid with mom...Folks finally had some money by the time that he came along, etc....But, he has had MAJOR problems as a result of being the last kid...Also, I want to make clear that I never really was neglected-none of us were "neglected", but at the same time, we all were to a point....Like the fact that my mom was done being a parent to me when I was about 10....And, how about the older kids-mom was to busy with all of the younger kids to really be there for them 100% of the time, so they were "neglected" in that regard....

Peace everyone-thanks for the replies...It's so nice to hear from other folks who deal big family stuff.....bp

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