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this is your best friend. have you put yourself in his would you feel if your girlfriend was messing around with him when you were in a coma?...come on. its respect for somebody your close to. as soon as you knew it was more than friends with this girl, you should have had the respect for your friend and walked away.

no you cant rewind things, no you cant start over, no nothing. theres so excuses. you know a lot of people stop being friends because of the opposite sex..and its terrible that best friends let that happen.

you will find somebody that you will really fall for. and you know what sounds bad, is in the beginning you state all these things your friend was suppose to do, like not survive..and it seems like thats what you wished, so you would never have to face him knowing you've messed with his girl...or that she can be yours once hes gone.

everything about it is wrong. stay away from her. she obviously doesnt respect him either. and whats to say, if that happens to you...your in the hospital fighting for your life and she does the same thing to you. its just wrong!!!!! actually...what it is, is selfishness.

seems that the majority of the replies seem kinda of rude but you could of not thought anybody would agree with what your doing.

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