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Nice skirt
Mar 27, 2007
My boyfriend and I had a lovely lunch, then he had to attend a meeting with his co- workers. He called me when that was done because we had to do something. When we met up, we bumped into a friend of his whom I hadnt met before. He looked at her skirt and said "oh thats a lovely skirt." thing is, the skirt was bad...and he had no reason to say that to her, especially infront of me.
Later on, I told him I didnt like how he complimented that girl infront of me. Its not a girl who I had been introduced and isnt a close friend of his. He admitted the skirt was ugly but that he likes to compliment people, whether it be his male/ female friends....well it....but not infront of me complimenting another girl. He said it was purely innocent and said he wasnt attacted to her at all. I accept that. But he doesnt say sorry straight away, and he claims im so insecure, and have always been....reason? read below. i thought he would be trying to help me with the problems I have, how I still havent gotten over certain things, how they still hurt etc etc
But is that behaviour appropriate infront of me? Well I dont like it.
I am still so sensitive from last year, even more so now, because of girl who he grew close with, ended up developing feelings for her, then dating her a few weeks after we had broken up. It hurt. and it stings now because I found out he was more intimate with her than he had intially told me, and he never told me they didnt use protection. I still feel second best because she broke up with him, then he came back to me....he says it isnt like that, that it wasnt working out with that girl, and it never felt right with her, and he was always thinking about me YEAH right. anyway, we decided to give it another go.
Imagine what he was like with that girl he dated towards the end of our relationship/ during our relationship if he compliments girls infront of me who he isnt even that close to.
Im still so senstive after last year.- surely wouldnt he be careful what he is like with other girls infront of me?

Am I being unreasonable?

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