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Re: Nice skirt
Apr 2, 2007
[QUOTE=StormGirl;2896856]Apple, i havent read the whole thread, but it sounds to me like you are allowing your insecurities (which i understand stem from your past with this man) to obscure your thoughts on him. Every guy has a past. Yes yours may have come in the middle of your relationship, but i am assuming you are young and yes, human nature says its likely to happen. But perhaps he came back to you because he realised hes been a fool and that he actually loves you? Yes he may have been attracted to someone else, but that doesn't mean they were meant to be. He may have found out she was NOT in fact everything he thought she was. Sometimes it takes a break for people to get perspective.

But the thing is, you took him back regardless. Now you must trust that his motives were good and that he came back simply cause he loves you. The situation IS what it IS. Can't change the past, but if you let it keep eating at you, it will push him into what you fear. You must have more faith and self worth than to think he only came back cause he had no other options. You are worth more than that.... and i'm SURE there were countless reasons he came back to you, none of which had to do with you being second best.

You are only torturing yourself worrying about what he did and said to this other girl. Stop asking him. He can't change the past. He can't change the fact that it was a mistake. He can only learn and move on, which I assume is what he's done with you.

If you can not shake this feeling that you are just the second best option, then my advice is to leave and find someone who will always make you number one.

But perhaps your man is trying to show you, but because you refuse to let go of the past and wipe the slate clean you can't see that?

And if thats the case, then you are really the only one hurting yourself.

Best of luck, and please have more faith in yourself. You need to boost your self esteem before you will truly see how other people see you.[/QUOTE]

Storm- thank you for taking the time out to read my thread and reply. youve given me another perspective from which to view this situation. i enjoyed reading it because it is positive and constructive advice. not that i havent receieved good advice from other people.
All of what you have said is pretty much what he says to me...apart from loving me lol which i know he is too shy to say. i find it difficult believing him. i really do.
storm- did you read about her dumping him, then 5-6 weeks later, when she was dating someone else, did he start calling me. i remember talking to him 2-3 weeks after their breakup and he told me he didnt know what was happening (he was waiting for her to change her mind because of what one of her friends said to him). do you think thats a coincidence? that is why i think him being alone, and not with her, made him realise....and that doesnt make me feel great. wish he realised, broke up with her, then came back to me. but no, it took her breaking up with him and dating someone esle to push him back to me.

everyone had history...i could deal with his before me...but in betwene our relationship, he was with another girl, he wanted another girl more than he wanted me....and he only wanted me when she got rid of him because he was possessive.....

on a good note, i have an admirer...guy from my course...found out a guy from work likes me i cant be that unattractive
im feeling so much better recently. the weather is good, im on holiday, and taking it easy.

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