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Re: Nice skirt
Mar 29, 2007
[QUOTE=apple_juice;2890401][QUOTE=Laylah;2887361]Yes, the person who has been hurt needs to work on getting over it, but the person who has caused the hurt laying down a time-frame for that will just cause a deeper sense of resentment, because to do that is to trivialise the depth of hurt they have caused, and in turn the person who's hurting will feel their sense of injury invalidated, and to invalidate an emotional injury is to refuse to allow it to heal; it's the emotional equivalent of tearing off a scab.[QUOTE]

i was reading over posts, and this couldnt be any more fitting. he does say things like "this happened a year ago, you should be over it" and other things along those lines...sometimes he is a little nicer

perhaps, as people have suggested, this is what i need to go.
i need to tell him i forgive him (try to), do not bring these issues up anymore, enjoy my time with him, let him come to me, so i can see where this relationship can go. because tihngs arent going to move forward if im moaning, arguing, telling him off for silly comments.....
i cant force him to do things. what i can do is wait and see what happens once i stop all this negativity.
but then i start to think.............."why cant he do anything for me?"
he tells me he doesnt want to be miserable again like he was before we broke up last year. he had strong feelings, all he did was spend time with me, think about me etc apparently he had no life. he tells me he doesnt want to feel like that. so what am i to expect? a silly little boyfriend who i dated at uni.

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