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Re: Nice skirt
Mar 28, 2007
okay..i was trying to make it through and read all the pages in this thread...but the posts all say the same thing! what i am going to say, is you need some time for yourself. you dont trust him, so dont pretend you do. its only going to make matters worse for you. i understand you love him, but you are putting yourself through torture by making yourself "suck it up". maybe you were over reacting about the skirt, and maybe it REALLY did hurt your feelings but he doesnt understand that. i was dating a guy that hurt me a lot...a lot of the stuff he did tore me apart and i didnt trust him. yet i loved him and stayed there because i was afraid. that is probably the worse thing i have ever done to myself. you have told him what, that you didnt trust him? and he didnt do anything? idk if i read right everything i saw in here, this is what i thought i read. so im sorry if its wrong. anyway, you are showing him this insecurity and hes eating it up. you feel like he needs to earn your trust back...but you are expecting him to just come out with these nice things. its not going to happen. i have felt the way you do before, and i put up with it for a looong time..finally i realized that i didnt want to be with him anymore. why stay in a relationship, if you arent being treated the way you think you should be? and another thing..if you KNEW he came back to you, because this other girl broke up with were NOT smart for getting back with him. now this is like haunting you. i could go on and on. lets just say, i broke up with my boyfriend, and now hes eating out of my hand. and we arent even together. i have told him, to be sure hes doing all these things for me because he wants to cause i wont garantee him anything but a friendship. yet still, after saying that he is sending me roses, respecting me...etc etc. i have wanted to be treated this way..the whole time. and now its like, hes doing it because i left him...and i can tell he wants to change. but i dont think i even want to go back. ok anyway. you really need to think...and remember this... "you want something let it go, if it comes back to you. its yours"

that quote has never been so true. if your head and your heart dont say the same thing, its right. sorry this is so long. k. hope things work for you.

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