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Re: Nice skirt
Apr 1, 2007
Be patient. Im going to have a good may not sound that bad to you guys, but youre my friensds, and i just need to get this out....

I had a few questions about last year, him and that girl, that i just had to ask because they were eating away at me.
I found out a little more about him and her....and it STUNG like mad.
Ill give you a few examples which have made me very sad....knowing he was intimate with her, and to be honest, their relationship of two months really doesnt sound much different to what i have with him...making me not so has he shown me?
one night he got tipsy, and he doestn remember what she said to one of his male friends at a friends dinner, but this set him off, and they argued...he doesnt remember, but im sure he does, i think he was jealous and being possessive. after a week of that argument, she wrote him a letter, saying it was over. he cried. not infront of her though. that is sad for me to know.
he talked a lot to her about me...well thats what he said remember? well when i asked him, what did you use to tell her about me? his response was...why would i talk to her about you? so obviously he was lying. apparently he use to say how i felt, how h felt, and how guilty he felt.
apparently he started liking this girl a month before we broke up, but he insists we didnt break up because of that but because things were getting too out of hand.
after 5 weeks of breaking up he found out she was dating one of his not so close friends. and guess what? thats when he started to think about getting back together with me.
i feel like second best. he wanted to be with this girl. he told me he wanted to replace her with me....but no....she didnt want a serious relationship otherwise if she did want the same things as him, theyd still be together, and my heart would have taken a longer time to heal. that hurts.
he didnt realise "i love this girl" i think he thought why not give it another go.

things dont feel good with him. i feel so distant now. since i met him i havent been the only girl in his no means. and i dont know if i can handle that....she wasnt just another girl in his life....he wanted her, he wanted a serious relationship with her, he was intimate with her and wanted to do the things he did with me with her. if only she had wanted the same, without doubt, we wouldnt have got back together. it makes me sick.

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