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Hello everyone. Well I have a little concern that I'm hoping someone can help me out with. First a little history. I met a new guy. He's totally awesome. So far he is everything I could ask for in a guy. He's funny, intelligent, generous, everything. I met him online, and last wednesday was the first time we talked on the phone, it was great, talked for about 3 to 4 hours. And again on Thursday we talked for 3 or 4 hours. Friday we were both not doing anything so we agreed to meet in person. I felt pretty confident about him that he was a good guy so I agreed to meet him at his place, so we could eat pizza, watch movies, play xbox, etc. Well that night went amazing. He was a total gentleman, we had so much fun. Saturday I already had plans so we didn't meet up, but Sunday he invited me over again. Again, a perfect night. So much fun. He was affectionate towards me, told me i'm beautiful, played with my hands.. again a complete gentleman. So you're asking what the problem is lol. Well he owns his own company and prior to meeting me I know he worked alot.. i mean ALOT. So Monday rolls around and he doesn't talk to me much, a couple text messages and a 5 minute phone call but that's it. Tuesday was the same. Today I asked him what's up, if he doesn't feel the same and he said everything is fine just that he took time off to spend with me so now he has to catch up. He's very distant these last couple days. Last night he called me at 8:30 but I missed his call, I called him back 5 minutes later, he didn't answer, and i tried back a few more times after that and no answer. The company he owns is a fugitive recovery agency, basically a bounty hunter company, so he works odd hours, but I don't get why he couldn't pick up the phone for 5 minutes. Does this sound odd to anybody else? I'm kind of in the middle about it. I kind of think everything is ok and he's just getting his work caught back up, but then the other part of me sees that he was all about talking to me last week but now he's not. What does everybody think?

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