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Hey guys, I have had some problems with my now fiance from early in our relationship. Some background info.. Im 23 and she is 20 . We have been together for 18months and have been engaged for the last 2. I wanted to marry her as i fell in love with her and adore her, and she was hinting at marriage also.

ok the thing is. She only moved here 2.5yrs ago from sydney where she had all her friends etc. Now, early in our relationship. She got a new phone number and then changed again, And she was receiving texts and calls from her old friends, and other guys in sydney (she has alot of guy friends, which im fine with). However, She was getting text messages saying things like, i want to be with you...give me a chance...we will be perfect etc etc, i was alarmed by this and asked what was up, she laughed it off saying oh they are drunk...or his talking crap etc. and she sent them messages back saying im with steve etc. I asked her why she wasnt firm with them and telling them to get lost, as it was annoying me having people hit on her and she wasnt getting mad at it. So then it eased off for a while and she had one person she said she was a friend with ...who she had a romantic encounter years ago (not sexual). he has a GF ..yet was sending my woman texts saying he loves her and wants her not his GF. I told her it has to stop or else. She finally ceased contact with most of these people. ..that imaware of. Then another chapter started.

She uses MSN messenger, And she was becomming friends with a guy who she was telling me about as going to uni aswell and how he loves music etc. i would get homefrom work and she would be talking to him and id have to wait for her for a good 10-15mins to finish talking to him. which annoyed me, i asked her does she like him, and she told me they are just friends and she likes his music and stuff. he was sending her weird messages which were sus to me. So i did the******* thing, i read her conversation with him, and found out while i was at work she had been chatting with him about comming down to see him on holidays and how he was the perfect guy and sending and getting pictures off him. Saying she was falling for him all the while aying she was single. and she also gave him her number which he wrang once, and i asked ...your flirting with him i can tell whats up? she said they were just friends. I confronted her after reading the messages and we fought and she was begging me not to leave her..then got angry at me for reading the conversation and turned it back on me. And promised not to do that again. and that she didnt think it was wrong.

now she has been on a chat site and has been adding guys onto another msn account of hers, and saying she thinks she likes them and wants to become really good friends and saying she is falling for them etc. i confronted her again after reading an email left open and reading a conversation cause i was suspicious again. she said she was testing guys on the net to see what made me tick and how guys react to girls etc...which i thought was ******** and she got mad at me again for reading her logs. Fair enough it was bad of me but i love her so much i had to know as she was being sus ...

Now i didnt bother myself with it much for a while, we got engaged etc etc, we have been happy, she recently gets an email while i was at the pc with her form aguy and she is like oh weird how random why would they send that, but he was replying to a email sent to him, i later read for conversations and found out she had made a new email accnt to chat on i didnt know about and had been talking to guys again saying they are so sweet and she wishes she was in their arms and all that kind of **** i dont want to see. Now im really torn, i love her to death and do everything for her, sure im an ******* sometimes but im a very emotional and considerate, kind and giving fiance and do nothing but help her, give her money,lend her my car. do all her things with her and to see this happen again after her promising it wont happen again just breaks my heart, i dont want to confront her again as it will be turned back onmeagain, Sure i looked at her conversations again, But at least it isnt chatting up and giving out numbers to guys on the internet. after she has promised tostop.

i am a chef and im out of the house from 9/10am to 2:30pm themfrom 5pm till about 9:30/10pm ..weekends included. we have discussed my bad work hoursand days and i am already going back to university to get a better i want to for my health and wellbeing as well as our relationship. She is very happy with this.

Why would she keep chatting to guys? and what can i do .. im so lost its tearing me appart. Because its not just your average, hi im mat, i like surfing and music, u do too? cool! ...its like ... i want to meet you and hang out and hold your hands etc.

arghhhh:mad: :mad:

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