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Thanks for all the replies guys. Yes i do love her more than anything. I have my moments too at being a jackass...and i make her cry sometimes but im not perfect. We already said we were waiting untill she finishes uni to get married (2.5yrs) ..we were happy with a long engagement.

Now regarding this last incident..which i found out about yesterday and today...she doesnt know i know.. She has made a whole nother email and msn login for it. i found it written down after she went to her prac, Now i logged in and there is about 8 guys on there. 1 is one of her best friends (guy) ..who she admited she passionately kissed him a while ago, but thought nothing of it ...they are friends btw. but im not sure why she would have him of all people on her list. She also made it into another name called "Jess" instead of her own name. And she has emails from guys on the list and messages, im not sure though. Most is far beyond regular, hi what are your interests. there is heavy flirting on her part and theirs. like ..what do you look like sound cute you have a bf/gf...too bad i dont live near you . etc

What should i do guys. im scared to confront her again. Cause im not ready to break up with her over something that isnt face to face yet. I love her to peices. but i cant keep feeling like this. it's making me very over protective, I used to have no problems with her going out, But since the first 2 times ive become paranoid that when she goes away she might do something while she is i wrong for thinking this? ..Like i was very stressed when she was going to her girl friends in sydney to stay over the night, and she is going away for 2 days in a few weeks with her mum and her nan. but im worried she might meet up with someone or meet someone. I wouldnt normally think this...but really i cant help do i stop feeling like this, i want to trust her.

She hates it when i get jelous, i told her im jelous and she assures me she only loves me and no one else etc. she throws up often in fights that im stupidly jelous sometimes, and that i smother her sometimes. she pushes me away sometimes when im hugging her and she doesnt want to be hugged. Its rude but i take it on the chin.

What should i do guys? i know im not an *******, why am i being treated like this?

I guess i treat her right, her best best friend is a male who ive met numerous times and i like him and trust him with her, they are like brother and sister. and ive heard him tell her, steve is an awesome guy, he does everything for yo, he will snob his friends when we are out to spend every moment with you. he does all this nice stuff for you etc. And i appreciated him saying that to her but i dont think it really clicked on her. my female friends (who are her friends too) ..i dont go out with them or anything... have told her what a lucky girl she is etc. i know she has low self esteem, she has put on a little weight recently, but she is still beautiful and i tell her this numerous times a day, Im always telling her she is beautiful, she is perfect, i love her etc. i dont see why should need attention from random guys..even if she is alone at home for a couple of hours.

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