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I wouldn't go and spread it around...just be the better some point they will probably find out or ask you what happened. Eventually they'll probably all find out what an azz he is. Just be getting all your eggs in one basket...getting prepared to getting your own place and getting your finances seperated. I know that cutting off sex is not [I]always[/I] because of infidelity but it's probably the number one cause for it. Anytime someone stops having sex with their partner...infidelity should always be considered. When I first met my husband...he had been in a long relationship with a woman for like 12 years...he told me of how their relationship was probably one of the strangest relationships he's ever seen. After a couple years into their relationship, they stopped having sex and she did not want him to touch her but yet she didn't want to move out...they just stayed together, slept in seperate rooms. Immediately, when he told me this, I assumed that she most likely was having an affair and he didn't think so...well through a little bit of dumb luck, I found out exactly what was going on with her. She was in love with a man that she had lived with before she moved in with my husband. He was not into a steady relationship so she just lived with the man I'm married to now while carrying on an affair with the old BF for the entire time they lived together. That certainly explained the whole odd relationship that she and my husband had for 12 years! What a total waste of 12 years of life!:rolleyes: Living a lie...I don't know how someone that's not just totally evil can do this to someone. My husband has got to be the most wonderful, sweet man I have ever met...oh well...her loss and my gain!

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