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Hey guys :wave:

Kind of a newbie here but I was hoping someone could help me out here as I am worried that my relationship might be about to crumble soon due to the way I have been feeling and was hoping you guys could give me some insight.

I have been with my current girlfriend for nearly 8 months now, she has been my first serious partner and although living a little bit of a distance away (see each other for a weekend every two weeks) everything has been going great. I find her great to be around and very attractive.

However, for some reason over the past week or two I have just completely switched off emotionally towards her which is concerning me very much. Usually I am always touching and kissing her and get arroused whenever physical contact (e.g kissing) takes place but over the last week or so I haven't done so which has caused our sex life to just stop practically and at the moment it feels like I can't be around her.

I don't want to hurt her as she is such a great person, but I was wondering can you just go straight off someone like that in such a short period of time for no reason? I have suffered from depression in the past and am thinking that it might have something to do with this (which I am hoping it is to be honest) but was wondering if you guys could help out.

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