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Does he know you plan on filing for divorce? If he doesn't know then [B]do not tell him[/B]! Let him go to work in the morning and act like everything is fine. When he is gone pack whatever you and your baby need and get out! Go to anyone you can trust and [B]do not [/B]let him know you are doing it!

I don't know about Florida law, but in Massachusetts you file for divorce in the family and probate court of the county you got married in. While you are there you file for sole custody of your child and a protective order. You tell them everything that has been happening, how he is keeping you hostage, how he flipped out, everything. The court will probably help you find a woman's organization that can help you out with child care, finding a job, getting food for your baby, you name it.

Please, whatever you do, don't change your mind about leaving him. I am speaking from experience, this is not what marriage is suppose to be like. I lived through it. [B]It will get worse![/B] There was a lot of verbal abuse. I wasn't allowed anywhere. On the rare occasion I was allowed out with a friend I spent the next day being basicly strip searched and interogated. When I did finally get the nerve to stand up to him my daughter was a little older and I didn't want her to grow up in that environment. That's when he really got physical. My daughter still remembers how he threw her chocolate milk at me and locked me in the bathroom. I wish I left sooner, but like a fool I thought it was okay, and then I thought I could fix it.

If you are able to let us know how you are doing. I pray that everything will be okay.

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