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I wrote in my last post about how I have this guy friend that I developed a big crush on, and then we started sleeping together. I really liked him but he told me in no uncertain terms that we were just going to be friends with benefits. It was a little tough, but I accepted it.

Since then, I have backed off from him a little bit. We still go out to the same place, but over the last couple of weeks I have focused more on my other friends, as well as making new friends. There were two reasons why I did this - first of all, I didn't want to look like I was getting too attached to him. I figured if he wanted to keep things casual then I would do the same. Another was that my pride was kind of hurt...I decided to stop sleeping with him because I can't just be somebody's sex toy. But I still want to stay friends. Yet I wonder if I am taking it too far or coming off the wrong way?

Last week he asked me why I was ignoring him. I told him I wasn't ignoring him. But I've still been keeping my distance, regardless. I haven't been talking to him much when we go out, but I still like knowing he's around. Then last night I was hanging out with my ex-boyfriend and we eventually headed over to the club where my guy friend was. I went over to talk to him but he was acting a little cold. At first I thought I was imagining it. But then he asked me, rather rudely, if my ex was going to be upset that I was over there talking to him. I was really confused, and told him no. But then a couple of minutes later my friend actually walked away from me and talked to some other people. I was so hurt!

I have no idea why he would be so touchy about my ex. We had a rough break-up several years ago but have managed to since evolve into good friends. There is absolutely nothing between us, nothing. In fact he has a huge crush on one of my friends and I'm currently helping them to hook up!

I'm so baffled because HE was the one who told me that he was never going to be my boyfriend. So I back off a little and now he's acting like such a jerk toward me because I show up somewhere with my ex? Why would he even care? If we're just friends, like he made it clear that was all he wanted to be, why should these kind of things matter to him? I'm trying to show him that I'm not going to get all obsessed and be hanging all over him, which I thought would be a good thing, but he's acting so weird.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I not ignore him as much? What is going on?

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