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Thanks again everyone. Where would I go without this place? I really don't know.

[QUOTE]Were you not inlove with your by's best friend just a while back??? The one your bf wanted you to initially have a threesome with... I remember previous posts about him and how you stated that you really had a thing for him... I am confused.. is this the same guy? [/QUOTE]

No, this is not the same guy. Yes, I did have some very deep feelings for the man you mentioned above, but I managed to finally move on and disconnect myself from him emotionally back around February. He is a terrible alcoholic and it got to the point where the pain of watching him destroy himself completely overshadowed my love. It was so sad. But it was actually this new guy, that I met around January, who helped me get over the other guy.

[QUOTE] at his age he really should be finding out what went wrong in his previous marriages, what he did wrong, and then work on finding someone who he would want to be an improved, better person around... not reverting back to his puberty ridden high school days playing these silly really immature games with- isnt he almost 40?[/QUOTE]

Yeah, he's almost 38. I don't know most of the details of his marriages, but I do know that he got burned baaaaad by at least one of them. He's been married and had children since he was really young. I think now he's probably going through a second childhood of sorts *L*

[QUOTEyou said you don't want him to think you were a snob-but you were acting like one instead of being honest. even to the point where when he noticed and asked you about it you pretended nothing was wrong][/QUOTE]

Jozi you are completely right. I did act like a snob, by ignoring him. And there isn't any point to playing any kind of game...I realize that now. It's true I don't have anything to lose.

[QUOTE]Kudos for you on being mature enough to set him up with your friend. That's enough for him to know that you're not affected by his insensitive and frank comment. [/QUOTE]

Hey Fabat, I hope you're doing well too, I've been thinking about ya! Well just to clarify, it's my ex-boyfriend that I am helping to set up, not this guy friend that I like. :) I think you're right about him putting up walls. I know he doesn't want to let anybody in, after all he's been through. I think I'll just concentrate on being a good friend, and not let my silliness get in the way.

[QUOTE] i'd be plastic towards him and u just gotta "get that dirt off ur shoulders"....goodluck.[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure if you were referencing the Jay-Z song or not, but I absolutely love that song LOL Thank you!

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