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[QUOTE]I'm confused...where's the BF that takes care of you monetarily? I remember you posting about leaving your BF to be with some other guy[/QUOTE]

The boyfriend is on tour right now, and I'm loooooooooving my freedom. Yeah, the guy that I was thinking about leaving him for is the same one I'm talking about here in this thread. But I'm not speaking of him in romantic terms anymore, I just want to stay friends. And he made it clear me that he just wanted to be friends, so that is why I'm so baffled that he's acting this way toward me.

I mean, I was totally willing to break up with my boyfriend and give up my lifestyle, that is how much I like being around this guy. Every single thing he says makes me laugh! I've never enjoyed being around anyone so much in my life. But then he was all "I'm not going to be your boyfriend blah blah" so I figured, "Fiiiiine then." So I took a step back, and he took it personally.

iona - I'm listening to that song right now. I'm glad you reminded me of it, I haven't listened to it in years!

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