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I'm having this problem with my girlfriend. Her friends have all turned 18 but she is still 17. They are all acting like the typical stupid teenagers who feel the need to run out to bars every weekend just because they are 'of age.' What they don't understand is that my girlfriend is only 17 and she won't be 18 until the summer. They don't seem to comprehend that she won't get in, that her parents might find out and give her alot of ****, or that it might be really dangerous for a young girl in there because I personally don't think a dark sleezy bar room is any place for a young girl to hang out.

She asked me tonight if I wanted to go with her. This bar is in another town and I really don't want to take a few buses to get there and I still think it's no place for her to be! Her friends are acting all offended as if she is being un-faithful to them. They are being condescending, telling her she is boring and that she never seems to want to hang out with them anymore. I'm thinking, if they had an ounce of respect for her they would have chosen a more appropriate location.

Am I out of line? I just care about her alot and have experienced many bars first hand and it's really not a place I'd want her hanging out at.
2. I am not, as you so self-righteously put it, "possesive." My girlfriend did not want to go at all, her friends were forcing her. Is it wrong to feel sensitive about the fact that the girl I love is being forced into doing something she does not want to do by people who clearly do not respect her? I did not "***** in my girlfriend's ear" either. I think you need to take your head out of your *** before you say something else that will make you look like a moron.[/QUOTE]

I'm not really convinced that your girlfriend didn't want to go. If that was true, maybe she didn't want to go because she knew you would be against it. ......but for arguments sake, lets say you're right......she didn't want to go.......
does your girlfriend have a voice? does your girlfriend have a backbone? What would prevent her from telling her friends "no thanks, I'll take a pass, I'm not that interested......I'm busy, I'm washing my hair, etc" get the idea, right? If someone doesn't want to do something, they can always come up with some reason not to, right? How are they forcing her to do anything? are they holding a gun to her head? or are you saying that she can't stand up to peer pressure?

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