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I'll try to keep this short but it's a lot of background info, sorry, please keep reading though!

(as I was writing this orignially it got really complicated to keep typing bf's ex, bf's I named them. bf is Nate, bf's brother is Bob and bf's ex is Jane - these are not their actual names but I thought it would save on the confusion)

Nate and I have been together for a year. Pretty much ever since we got together his ex-girlfriend, Jane, (who is considerably younger than him) has been around. His parents are like best friends with her parents and they hang out a lot. They (Nate and Jane) go to schools in a town 20 miles away. My Bob lives in this town and sometimes Nate stays with him to save on gas. My Jane gets dropped off at Bob's around 5:00 a.m. and doesn't have to be at school until 8:00.

Bob has had drug problems in the past and left for California to get clean. He came back and has apparently started using again. Jane does drugs, too, and in Bob's appartment. Nate sleeps on the couch and there is only one other chair in the room that I assume Jane sits on when she gets dropped off.

Jane's been jealous of me since I got together with Nate. She's been making rude comments about me and Nate doesn't do anything about it. Here's what's happened that's got me into such a heartwrenching bind...I don't know what to do.

Last night Nate got a text from one of his friends who is a girl. The text accused Nate of cheating on me with Jane. He just texted back 'whatever' and didn't try to deny it or anything. Bob had mentioned something to Nate earlier that day about 'getting 'er done' and Nate thought he was kidding and was like, 'oh yeah' or whatever. My boyfriend said that nothing happened and I believed him. But then we started talking and he mentioned how cool he thought Jane was and said that he was friends with her. I asked him how he could be friends with someone who started rumors like that and he said there was no proof she started it.

I also asked him why he wasn't denying it to anyone since this supposedly happened a few days ago and he said that he doesn't care what anyone else thinks...that what I think counts. I told him that I believe him but here are the two things in my mind that I can't stop thinking about:

1) there's plenty of time that he and she are alone in a single room where something could happen. She also is around him in his most vulnerable position: asleep.

2) if he didn't cheat, why wouldn't he deny it to anyone?

One idea about the second one is that he wants to be known as a "player" or is being praised in a way for cheating on his girlfriend (you'd have to know the kind of people he hangs around I guess...they are the type that cheat and don't think it means anything).

I've talked to him and told him that I wasn't comfortable with him being around her that much since they have a history but he doesn't seem to care because I "should trust him." I do trust him but when this kind of stuff happens is when there are doubts in my mind.

I realize this post is a little long and I'm sorry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(I have a second post about my horrible night/morning called Drugs - need help ASAP if you'd like to help me with that problem too)

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