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i would have to say work on getting over him at the same time tell him everything he wants to hear you know like u love him so much and want to be with him. let him go and see what happens. if you mean something to him then he'll come back from the trip ready to work things out (maybe he needs to get away) but if he comes back the same then u get away and make that male friend u have more then just a male friend. get lost for a few hours at a time i garantee he wont be worried about textin Ms. Cross country gal. he'll be to worried trying to keep up with you and what you are doing. no man wants to see his gurl cheating but of course he thinks its ok to do it (IF he is). No two wrongs dont make a right but somtimes it just makes you feel alot better and you got to do what you got to do. What im trying to say is if its gonna be over let it be over now instead of wasting tears and time. You can be a strong woman just protect your own feelings before you think about his and remember u have the right to tell him not to sms her or talk to her. tell hi you dont approve of this friend of his. hope this helps and is not toooo blunt.
I understand u let him get away with so much because there still is room for change and room to make it better some dudes are stubborn so just have a talk with him and ask do he wanna call it quits?, Why is it that he and this friend all of a sudden have so much to talk about?. Stop asking is there anything going on because u get the same answers. YOU already know what is NOT aceptable. I say tell him you dont care if they are just friends or not tell him whats unacceptable and if he keeps doing it then dont zap out because if u do u will still continue to get lies stay calm and cool. Tell him that its disrespectful to you. Once you start making him think he's loosing you he'll realize what u really mean to him and if he doesn't then its not meant to be. But dont let it stress you out because a person that's making you stressed out, and thinking "WHAT IF" all day long is not worth your time. I am only 19 but i have to admit i have been there and i have promised to stay in control of the situation. Remember if your relationship is going to end make it because of you or him not another female because its not worth it.

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