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I'm so mad, I can't xplain how I feel. I have so many mixed emotions. Wen you read my story, tell me wat you think. I left him because of it. We have been with each other for on and off 7years. We have a 1year old daughter. & right now I live with my parents. Well it happened last friday. I went 2my boyfriends cousins house it was a get 2gether, bkuz that saturday his cousin was going to have a party. Well 1of his other couisins(girl), sorry 2say, she's a hoe. She never has liked me. She's the type of girl that doesn't give a ***** and gets around. She won't even respect herself or her parents. She has 3kids from different daddy's. Well I'm a get straight 2the point, a lot of people were there at his cousins house. Then all of a sudden I couldn't find my boyfriend. So I go look 4him and I couldn't find him. He's hurt me so many times. Emotionally, 1time physically. My self esteem is so low bkuz of him. He's good on disrespecting me, I've done so much for this guy. I've been hurt over and over, right now we have so many problems. That there is no trust. And to all women, theres only so much a women can take, to just say 4get it. So I go to his couisins room kuz I heard people talking. Well it was his girl cousin (the 1that has been around) and my boyfriend. They were alone in the restroom. Once I get there they had a smurk on their face and a surprised look. So right there I knew something was wrong. She recently had her boobs done. So since I'm not that gifted on that area he knew I wanted to get implants. Well I knew, I had a gut feeling she showed her tits 2him. Well to me, its disrespect from both of them. & how can his own cousin show him her boobs? Their both cousins. This made me get mad. He then left the room and I asked him about it. He acted stupid and said no. The next day at the party, the disrespect was still there. He was starring at her boobs all the time. N she was glad 2b showing them 2every1. So that made me think. I had told him that if she did, then I was going to tell her something. Why? Put yourself in my shoes. They both disrespected me. N he let it happen. He did nothing to stop it. And she didn't care if she was disrespecting me, knowing I'm in the house, to top things off. And he's the type of guy that I believe wanted to see his own cousins boobs, why? Bkuz that's him, he's 2curious and if he sees boobs for his satisfaction better 4him. Well it turns out that 2day I asked him again about it. I lied 2him and told him that I asked her if she had shown him her boobs and she said yeah. So then he came clean. Now he said that he only saw her scar. Well she had told me b4 that her implant was done through her nipple. So he must of seen them. I got so mad, that I left him. I was made a fool by both of them. And don't think I'm crazy, but my life with him has been so hard. That it only took 1more of his stupid mistakes to make me see that there is nothing we can do on this relationship. Not being able 2trust him, not even with his cousins, its bulls*it. Why did he lie to me? If I didn't trust him b4, how can I trust the things that come out of his mouth. All he does is lie. Did I over react? Or atleast can you tell me was it right for his own cousin to show him her boobs and him wanting to see them? I know he wouldn't of told me if I wouldn't of made it a big deal. How can this happen anyway? He's done so many things to me that this was his last straw. Tell me wat you think, put yourself I'm my shoes. Would you put up with it?
You talk about being Disrespected alot. Let me ask you a question, do you deserve this respect? I mean every human deserves the a certain amount of respect but you seem to have been put into a situation where you have let direspect surround you and push you around. See you made the choice that you think is the best for you and hopefully by this you will have inner respect and it will shine outwards. Your situation is a paragraph in a 5000 page Novel in which should have been cut short around the 3rd or 4th page. Good Luck.
[I][QUOTE=Samuel86;2940931] Your situation is a paragraph in a 5000 page Novel in which should have been cut short around the 3rd or 4th page. Good Luck.[/QUOTE][/I]Oh, Samuel, if only we had the gift of foretelling the future. Hindsight is 20-20 vision and all that.

Luvelina, you know what needs to happen. You have allowed him to mistreat you so much already that you have reached a point where that is all you are going to get from him. He has forgotten, if he ever knew, that you are a person who deserves respect, fidelity, and love. Do you want to stay in this realtionship? If so then things must change. I personally think that it is a lost cause. This thing with his cousin's boobs is not good, but on its own it is not really a huge deal. The fact that his first instinct was to lie to you is the worry here. It would make me wonder if he EVER tells the truth, an whether I could ever trust him. It sounds like a real train wreck of a relationship and does not really merit any work. Just get out.
You've already taken the first step by leaving him. Now the next step is to cut him off and never get back together with him again. Are you ready to take that step? Because it sounds like you keep getting back together with him expecting for some crazy reason for it to be different the next time. It has never changed since he started this crappy behavior, so it's never going to change!

I'd never go back again, ever. You're lucky you had the guts to leave him, now the true test begins. Your only hope for a happy future for yourself is to never go back with him. Not even for the boob incident but just in general for all of the crap he has done to you over the time you've been together! This guy is a pig, and he's a loser. I can't for the life of me understand why you'd even consider going back with him! He's an idiot! What's the point of keeping on getting back together with such a pig guy?
I think you can safely say that if you have to worry about your man screwing around with one of his family members, it's totally time to move on.

You call this disrespect; I call this creepy, disgusting and just the stuff nightmares are made of. Gross. My skin is crawling just thinking about this.

I'm putting myself in your shoes. No, I would not put up with it. If I were to stay with this creepy person, I'd always wonder if he was fantasizing about one of his family members when he was with me. That's just creepy beyond words.
LOL sorry but I had to laugh at what stenolady has said and well I totally agree with her.This is just wrong on so many levels.You should rid of this guy.
So he's disrespectful, a liar, emotionally and physically abusive, and to top it all off gets off on seeing his cousins boobs? I don't need to put myself in your shoes. He's a pig, a jerk, and very, very creepy! The only thing I'm wondering is why you stuck with him for so long? If this is how he treats you how does he treat you child?

Good for you not taking anymore of his crap. Take some time for you and get yourself back on track for you and for your child's sake.
You definitely did the right thing.

This is gross on so many levels, and it's not like you claim this is the first time he's disrespected you over 7 years, why even bother being around someone like that? It's not like there's any reward in it for you - you get to have a chump as your bf and father of your child? Gee, what a prize.

Good for you for leaving, not just for boobs, but for finally recognizing 'the straw that broke the camels back'. Time to let this scum go and find a real man.
Honey, look at it this way. What advice would you give your daughter if she were in this situation? I have a feeling that you would tell her to have enough self respect not to stay with a man like that.
Thank u for letting me know what u thought in my situation. The reason why I use to go back to him, is bkuz I want my baby 2have a father. I never had my father, my mother got divorced wen I was 5yrs. old. I always wanted that perfect family, a mom, dad, and kids. I guess I kept holding on to that dream.
Better no father than a bad one, right? I'm sure you'd hate to see your daughter grow up to marry someone who treats her the way you're treated by him....
Better a single self assured mother, than a mother that puts up with crap from a jerk of a boyfriend.
Who cares what anybody here thinks!! If YOU don't like what he's done then don't take it. It's okay to stand up for yourself if you think it's wrong. Rebuild your life without him, and you will eventually shake your head and wonder why you wasted so much time with such an idiot.
Page 5. LuvElina moves on and finds another man some day down the road and treats her well and is a good role model for her child...

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