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Don't you just love being a military wife... My husband has forgotten anniversaries as well...matter of fact he forgot our first one. This year he is in Korea for a year and he left 20 days before our 12th anniversary. I had expected a call from him to talk on that day but I didnt get one. I let it go even though I was sad about it.
If I were you I would walk right up to him and give him a big hug and say Happy Anniversary honey.
As for the medical issues I would make his happy butt go with me to the drs appointments and I would also sit him down and tell him at length that I need his support right now. Remind him that you have supported him all this time by taking care of your kids and home while he serves our country.
As for him going back to NC for 3 weeks (I'm assuming without you from the tone of your post) that wouldnt be happening unless it was a medical/family emergency. That is the way it works with DH and I. He is from Ohio and the only times he has gone there without us is when he was sent tdy there. My dh also goes to my dr appointments when he can. If he cant he calls me as soon as he thinks it should be done.
It can be rough being married to the military. Have you tried talking with any of the toher wives? Or go by family support and talk with someone there. Also talking to your husband in a calm manner might help as well. Let him know that you need him to support you now. Let him know how you are feeling even if you have to write a letter to him.

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