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About 3 weeks ago my bf said 'i have a business function on the 24th and you have to come'... no further details were given and it was not mentioned again. I was determined to make a good impression and look nice for him so the next day i bought a dress especially for it even though it even though it wasn't for ages. 3 weeks passed with no mention from him about the function and it also slipped fom my mind as all i knew was 'the 24th' ( i assumed april). at 11.30pm on the 23rd he called and says 'r u coming 2 morow night?' and i had no idea what he was talking about because i had no details and it had not been mentioned for so long. then i had to tell him that i couldn't come because i agreed to drive my brother (who is my best friend in the world) to the airport as he was moving out of home to interstate and otherwise he would have to go alone in a cab and i wouldn't see him for a very long time as he was moving. He got really angry and i said i would try and figure sumthing out. when i called the next day to say i had no solution and i couldn't make it he completely cracked it and yelled and hung up and then wouldnt answer his phone. then he sms me saying 'this was really important every1 elses partners will be there except u so y dont u **** off'..... i wrote back and siad it was such a bad situation an di was so sorry and i really did want to go and i bought a dress and everything but i couldnt mke my bro catch a cab and that i always cancel or rearange things to go to all of his functions with friends/family etc (even tho he NEVER comes 2 any of my things because 'he can't b ****ed' ) and i really wish i could go....

Now I feel so bad! it was such an awkwad situation. Do u think i made the right decision? I can see y he is upset but do u think he should have been more understanding or was he right to be so angry? i feel like such a horrible peson fo upsetting him but i couldn't live with myself sending my bro away in a cab alone! on the other hand, he never comes to my things so how can he not feel liek this when he always bails on me even when he doens't have a vailid excuse??

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