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[QUOTE=Nina000;2949628]I just think that your relationship with your husband will never be normal again after you had the affair. I imagine that he will always remember it, and not sure if trust will remain there. His care for your happiness is DEFINITELY not a good enough reason to stay, it is one to respect him. Anyway, I honestly believe that if your husband loved you enough he would not have been able to handle your affair. I hope I am wrong but I have the impression that he is indifferent?

Good luck in whatever you choose.[/QUOTE]

I was thinking about what nina had said...
If someone I really, really loved had been seeing someone behind my back, I would go into meltdown.
Perhaps he understands there was a gap in the relationship somewhere and maybe felt he couldnt fix it so thought the best thing for you to do was to move on?

I also agree things probably will never be the same. Well not in a long time anyway.
My boyfriend broke up with me a year ago and started dating someone a few weeks later. they broke up, and four months later we got back together. it has been over a year since then. i dont think he cheated on me. but that was bad enough in itself. im still not over it. i still cry. what i want you to know is that i dont think itll be easy, but if you really love him, or come to realise you do, then understand its probably going to be tough.
i know this piece of advice is a little late, but it would have been best to have brought up these issues with your husband before another man got involved. perhaps things would have got sorted. did you talk to him about your issues? or maybe something like this needed to happen in order to improve things? both of you needed to wake up?

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