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[QUOTE=Laylah;2954330]Yeah, he's spoiled I suppose. I just thought he'd have understood the difference between having to take the train on a whim of mine and having to take the train for a genuine occasion, especially considering he'd been given five f***-ing weeks notice of the date...[/QUOTE]

I would say he's spoiled. I had a rough patch when I was dating my now husband and I didn't have a car (thanks to the wretched ex) and I had to take a bus to work. He (boyfriend at the time) would drop me off and pick me up on his day off out of the kindness of his heart, even though it was an hour out of his way. I didn't expect it, but it did come to be a routine. I think there was only one time he didn't do it in the two months I was carless and he felt terrible because of it. It was just another day to me. When/if you and your boyfriend are back on speaking terms and make up I would stop being his personal car service and make him take the train. Then maybe he will see what a spoiled brat he is being and appreciate what he has.

As far as the 50/50 in a relationship, I agree it very rarely happens. However, I think 60/40 is good, especially if you take turns being the one that gives more.

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