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Ok, heres what happened: My sisters birthday and his sisters birthday celebrations fell on the same day, today. It is actually my sisters birthday today, his sisters birthday is Tuesday coming, but shes having her party tonight.

My sister had intended to go out tonight, changed her mind, then changed it back again. In the meantime Id made arrangements to go to my bfs sisters party in the knowledge that my own sister wasnt celebrating hers tonight. As a compromise I said to my sister come over early in the evening and Ill give you your present and well have a few drinks in the house together before we both go out our separate ways. So that seemed a fair compromise to me, my sister and I would have had a couple of hours alone for a drink and a gossip and shed have headed out for her birthday with her friends while I wouldnt have had to let either my bf or my sister down. The only thing that would have to be done differently would have been my bf would have had to get the train home rather than me picking him up from work as I always do, (as Id have been drinking) and that is where the problems started:

His getting the train would only have put an extra half hour or so onto his journey home, but when I called into his job this afternoon to tell him about the new arrangements he was deeply pissed offl! He was fuming and it resulted in a nasty row (mostly conducted by text) Now Im going nowhere because Im hopping mad and in no mood to celebrate f***-all. I cant believe he could be so selfish and Ive told him so. :mad: What difference does it make if hes 40 mins behind time? Its not like everyone has to show up at bang on the same time; its a birthday party for Gods sake! Why should his sisters birthday take precedence over mine??? :mad:

Im pretty sure Im in the right here, but would be interested in any views on the matter. Can anyone see his side of this? - Cause I sure as hell cant; the way I see it I was trying to accommodate everyone and that wasnt good enough for him and how bloody dare he!!! :dizzy:

Sitting here thinking about it, I am moving from being angry to just getting more and more unhappy. This is a man who spends some degree of time with his brothers 4/5 evenings out of 7 [B][I]EVERY[/I][/B] week and [I][B]NO[/B][/I] exceptions; so how can he tell me I dont have the right to ask him to get on a train one bloody time so I can have a birthday drink with my sister??? Can anyone make any sense of this or see things from his side??

Would really appreciate any responses, thanks.

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