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[QUOTE=Laylah;2950816]Sitting here thinking about it, I am moving from being angry to just getting more and more unhappy. This is a man who spends some degree of time with his brothers 4/5 evenings out of 7 [B][I]EVERY[/I][/B] week and [I][B]NO[/B][/I] exceptions; so how can he tell me I donít have the right to ask him to get on a train one bloody time so I can have a birthday drink with my sister??? Can anyone make any sense of this or see things from his side??[/QUOTE] Laylah, you are the one who related this incident to the brother situation. Can you sit there and say that if you didn't resent this (and rightfully so, don't get me wrong) do you really believe that you would be quite so hopping mad over this birthday thing AS AN ISOLATED INCIDENT. I know I probably wouldn't if it was a one-off thing. Annoying, yes, but not relationship-threatening. I mean, basically,you probably would have worked something out if it was so important to you (BTW, you never said whether he actually REFUSED to take the train, only that he was pissed off about being asked). I still think that in this "his family vs me and mine" atmosphere going on, ANY family priority issue is going to be a minefield for you. And that there is an issue here that needs resolution, as would any situation that caused resentment in one partner.

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