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Iím curious to know if this would annoy other people or if (as I am being told!) I am being irrational. Here goes:

When my bf goes out with a particular male friend from work he almost never answers his phone. He always leaves the phone on silent when heís working as he isnít supposed to be using it during work, and often when he leaves work heíll forget to put the ringer back on; this happens frequently whether heís going out, coming straight home, or whatever. For a start, that in itself annoys me; along with all the other little routines we have when we walk out of work surely taking the phone off silent isnít a big deal to remember, especially as weíve had words about this on many occasions?

When he goes out with this particular friend Iíll be there myself about, say, three nights out of ten, so I know this guy and have a good idea of what they get up to when they go out, where theyíll be, that sort of thing. Theyíll be going to bars where the music is loud and even if he has the ringer on itís likely he wouldnít hear the phone ringing anyway. Still, I see no reason, as Iíve pointed out to him before, why he couldnít put his phone in the pocket of his trousers so that he could feel it vibrating, (instead of where it normally is, in his jacket on the back of his chair) or he could put it on the bar in front of him so that he could see it light up when it rang. My point being, if he really wanted to answer his phone, thereís no reason under God why he couldnít do that.

When I go out and Iím somewhere loud I check my phone every hour or so and if thereís a missed call or a text Iíll respond to it, especially if itís from him. He could always do that Ė doesnít bother. This has caused problems in the past and last night was a perfect example. About 50% of the time I pick him up after these nights out and didnít know whether he wanted a lift home from town or what. Iíd sooner pick him up as I donít see the need to waste 30 euros for him to get home in a taxi when I have the car at home and Iím sober. I waited up till 1.00am only to be told he was getting a taxi, and all because he didnít answer his phone any one of the half a dozen times Iíd tried to call since 10.00pm. I ended up getting into bed in a highly annoyed state at 1.00am; I was highly annoyed because I had to get back up at 6.15 to get him into work and if heíd bothered his a$$ answering his phone I could have been in bed much earlier and gotten a decent nights sleep before the early start.

This is NOT a new issue; Iím blue in the face telling him to answer the bloody phone and Iím at the stage where Iíd love to take a hammer to it since it seems to serve no purpose other than to annoy me by way of its useless existence!!! (Iím talking about the phone here, not my bfís head, lol)

My question is: Would this annoy you also? In other words, am I justified in being annoyed here, or am I being irrational, as he would dearly love to convince me?

(by the way, Nina, I wrote a long reply to your last post on my last thread a few days ago and my computer crashed just as I was sending it Ė aaaaarrrrrrggghh!)

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