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I split up with my boyfriend of 2 years quite a few months back, since then I dated one guy but it didn't work out. Then almost immediately this other guy shows interest in me, lets call him "Alex".
Anyway I've always thought Alex was the best looking person I've ever seen in my life, we work at the same place and have always been on fairly friendly terms. I had a boyfriend though and I didn't think Alex liked me in that way so we just remained friends til a few months after me and my ex split when he kissed me. Obviously I was thrilled and we started getting on great, we started "seeing eachother" for the last couple of weeks. The one main important thing I liked about him was he never mentioned sex or tried anything on with me so I guessed he respected me.

Last night he came to stay at my house. We watched a film, had some drinks then just out of the blue he says "I think I'm gay". I just laughed because he is a little bit girly, he's not scared of letting a girl do his hair and will watch soppy films but as a die hard football fan I just assumed he wasn't afraid of his feminine side. He went on to say he wasn't lying though, I didn't know what to say because I was gutted, I'd finally got my chance with this guy I'd liked for over 2 years and he tells me he's gay! It did make sense why he didn't try anything on with me although he said he liked me loads and thinks I'm really good looking and all that so I don't know if he's confused?

Anyway its more important that he's ok than me but I'm feeling a bit stupid because I don't know how to handle it, its quite a shock as I've known him a couple of years and never suspected it. One minute I'm sad because it was amazing to be dating him after liking him so long and the next I'm fine with it and glad I've come out of it with a guy best friend for life that I can still cuddle up with because he's gay! He seems more concerned with making sure I'm ok but I want to make sure he's alright because I'm the first person he's told.

Anyone been in a similar situation who can give some words of widsom?

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