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i am in the same boat as you when it comes to the internet. my boyfriend hates it and wonders what i must be doing on the net all the time. i met his best friend on the net and then i got introduced to my boyfriend. i use msn a lot to chat to my friends and i have been overseas so i have friends overseas that i use it to chat with. is this really a big deal? he asked me how many contacts i have and i said about 150 and hes like sure u know 150 people but these people are primary school friends, overseas friends, high school friends, work collegues, family and i dont see everyone in person but just use it to keep in contact. are you going to cut back on the internet nightowl? does anybody else think our boyfriend/husband is being unreasonable?
also i have one of those space profiles on the net that i use to add all my friends and he hates that too. doesnt like the fact that other people can see it even tho he has one on another site. he said he is going to delete his one.

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