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I'm kind of stuck in this right now too. I'm now deployed in Iraq and it seems my wife wants to be friends with this guy she met one night. She has always had friends of the opposite sex and I had no issue with it at all. However, me being gone in Iraq with no hope of coming home for along time has me wondering. To me it seems that she is trying to replace that "male conpanionship" thing while im gone. Not the sex thing I'm not worried about her cheating on me, well its in that back of my mind as it would be in any mans mind, but to me it seems like she is seeking this guy to fill my viod. We have the best relationship when I'm there. She is that kind of girl that needs a male friends attention. I'm just owrried what should I do about this?

I do feel that you can have friends of the opposite sex. I have before, but there is that sexual tension there. And when I was single I would end up sleeping with them. Now I just avoid female friends, because it bothers me about her friends sometimes.

I'm a good guy, but I am a guy. And 9.875 of 10 guys might want that. Plus my wife is very good looking and very cool. Pretty much the perfect girl. I freaking out over this. Somebuddy make me feel better please.

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