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[SIZE="4"]Hi everyone![/SIZE] I'm new to this online community (I guess you'd call it?), and I was wondering if any of you could shed some light on a problem I've been worrying about:

I am freaked out by my boyfriends super-close relationship with his sister.

A little background info: I'm 18 and my boyfriend of 2 months is 20. We were friends for over a year before we started dating. His sister is 17, and she's a really nice girl.

It's not so much that i have a problem with their relationship, but its just very strange to me. They hang out a lot (which is fine), but it crosses the line, in my opinion, when he invites her along to [U]EVERYTHING[/U] we do. She's around all the time, and like i said, she's a nice girl. But its weird to me that me, him, and his sister hang out all the time. I don't really like it. They are so close its strange, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little threatened by it. I have a younger brother of my own (16), and i wouldn't find hanging out with him and my boyfriend all the time very enjoyable. I envy that he is close with his siblings, because I am not so close with mine. But again, its just strange. Its enough for me to seriously question whether or not we should even be dating. Am i overreacting?[/FONT]

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