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Well... I care about him very much and yes I do love him. How can you not love somebody whom you put so much time and effort to? I do love him having said that I wont lie. We fight over the DUMBEST things that he takes a little bit out of me everytime. I wouldnt be surprised if I woke up one morning not caring anymore. I do care about him. He did have an awful childhood. Like I said, he was offered scholarships for college since he was a great football player in highschool. His parents went to jail when he was 17. His mom is a walking liar. She lies about everything. She wanted to stay at our house so she called him and said the place she was staying at now burned down and she wanted to see if she can spend the night. She spent 3 months with him last time she said she wanted to spend the night so he refused. I was upset for that. Come to find out, she was lying. I mean... he can not trust anybody in his family.

As for cheating. I really doubt it. He offers his cellphone to me to see the records. How can he cheat? He CALLS ME EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY! He comes straight home and wont do anything on the weekend. When his phone rings he tells me who it is when I could care less.

When my phone rings he sticks his ear against it because he wants to know who Im talking to and what they are saying. He checks my phone to see who I called and texted. You best believe he knows every single person in my phone book. Oh god!!!

And yes... I have spoken to his ex. She called me to make arrangements to drop his daughter. He works saturday and I dont. He works with Ashley Furniture so I never know when he will get off. Its unpredictable. Anyways, she called me to see if I would pick Alyssa up. I said sure... next thing I knew we talked about him and she was suprised that I was running around town with a white tube top on. She told me he wouldnt let her wear things like that.

Im not trying to be mean but... she drove him crazy too. She REFUSED to work and just wanted to sit and home. Her daughter's child support she spends it on her and her 16 year old boyfriend. She is 24 currently with a 16 year old. None of it goes to her daughter. Ive seen her and him get into it inthe parking lot since she wanted some of HIS TAX MONEY!!!!!

She was civil towards me. And she did inform me that he was controlling during their early dating. Apparently he changed since she always wanted money. In fact he started giving her money so that she WOULD LEAVE the house since she was driving him crazy. I dont know. They had an awful relationships. They would call each other names and everything. She lies like crazy too. She told him their daughter was in the ER so he would meet up with her and give her 300 dollars! Who does that? He told her to give him the receipt and she never did. Infact, we found out she went to the amusement park the following day. In conclusion, she is not a very reliable source of information.

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