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Emy, I wont tell you you dont love him just because you havent had much face to face time with him. That isnt true that you have to have face to face time to get to know a person. I have seen so many relationships start online and if people stop and think they will know they have seen them too. On these very boards we have told people that long distance relationships can and do work. I'm actually amazed that so many are now saying you cant love a person just because you have only had three weeks together in person. I sit here and think of all the young war brides in both WW1 and WW2 in which so many met and married with only knowing each other days and weeks before their husbands were shipped off.
I think of my own engagement when several people told me there was no way I could know him when we had been together 3 months. So many people asked if I was pregnant and so on. All because I wasnt following the social norm. Guess what the social norm goes right out the window taking the glass with it when it comes to military relationships. Granted there are some who do follow the norm of getting to know each other over the years before marrying but there are so many who dont.
You dont have to spend time wtih the person to get to know them. Look at all the relationships that are coming about because of the internet. Many of those people talk for weeks and months before meeting in person and they fall in love before they even met in person.
I do believe you can love someone without much face time. It can be hard when others around you dont understand. I dont think you should wait 3 years especially since no one knows for sure when it come to the military where one will wind up. I do want to say that when you go to Hawaii that it might be wise to have your own apartment that way if things dont turn out (not saying they wont) you wont have to worry about finding a place and still seeing him. Again not saying it wont last just saying you should be careful.
Good luck with your relationship and I hope things with him calm down.

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