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[QUOTE=Sweetest_Pink00;2984120]He always say that he knows we would never be friends or even speak and the problems she has caused us he doesnt even want us together i the same room. They are actually just starting to talk again because when she got kicked out of hs mother's house she was trying to make us break up because it seemed as though she was jealous. I think of it as if he told me i had to except his sister in order to be with him then i would choose to go our seperate ways thats how much i hate her. I never tried to make him choose. But even before i met him i agreed to have a drama free life and i choose not to deal with loud arogant females. I may be immature of me and i do think it is but its nothing that i can do about it or it could be that im just a "u know what" and i agree with u guys on what u say but this is just one female that will Never have anything to do with my life and it it means not being with him then id rather not be. He always tell me he understands how i am but i dont know how long that will last. Ive never actually expected him to understand. He spends whatever time he wants to have with her and talks to her but knows that i wont ever have anything to do with her. About the wedding question, I think that if she came to my wedding then she could marry him case i wont. I do think i am a "u know what" for being this way but my relationship is going ok so far. really i think i may just need to grow up and learn to be a little bit more civilized. lol but i think this will take some time. I also had a post a while ago about his sister never being apart of my childs life ever. Alot of people said i was wrong to feel that way. But about that ive came to a conclusion that when my child is old enough to decide wether they want to be around her then i will allow it. But other then that i dont think i will really change my decisions. What the hec is wrong with me? lol[/QUOTE]

Well, if it is for me to say, I don't think there is anything wrong with you. :) Actually, you seem to be a clear-headed person: you seem to know what you want.

If your bf is aware of it all and if his sister is really a [I]persona non grata[/I] to you, then on second thoughts, I would agree with you. If her presence in the house would make you feel uneasy and on edge, then you'd be better to follow your guts and not invite her. This may look like a social blunder for a outsider, but it's rather a protective measure for both of you.

By the way, how are you inviting people? Over the phone? If so, how would you ever bring yourself to talk to her? So, all in all, you can only invite people with whom you are in talking terms.

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