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well, though if you don't have a job or finacial independence I would not recomend moving in with you boyfriend (the other poster is right you could end up trapped) But if your mother does drugs you must leave, that is no place for a bady. What about your father does he live with your mom? if not would he be safe to go to? or maybe an aunt, sister, grandmother or just and adult friend who is responsible who could help you. If you are sure you love your boyfriend and you are sure he loves you too and is capable of helping you raise the child then you may be able to live with him but its hard to be sure of these things so young, heck it hard to be sure or these things at any age. even if you do think moving in with your boyfriend is your best option I still recomend finding a responsible adult who can help you with all the questions you will have about raising the baby since you mom unfortunatly has issues to work out and should not be around a baby until she cleans herself up. Im sorry about your situation it must be very hard. God bless:angel:

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