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Re: How long
May 17, 2007
[QUOTE=rosequartz;2989482]nightrunner - I'm not saying you are broken.....I'm just asking you to look at your past behavior and see if this is a pattern or if THIS PARTICULAR relationship isn't working for whatever reason. My reason for asking asked how long you should wait to look for someone point is, if this is a pattern, it will happen again with the next person. You need to determine which one it is......[/QUOTE]

I'm willing to accept pattern.
What frieghtens me is if I'm BPD, then the only man I'm any good to is someone just as broke as me. That is a fair assumption,,,, correct? Because if I am "sick" somehow, then I will need to be under some sort of care in order to help myself function at work and in other ways and to stay on an even keel. I'd like to see a councelor on a regular basis, just to have a sounding board anyway. I just don't know if I can afford it. I'm not mad at you for your answer but I am scared it might be true.

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