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Hey all, me again.

One pretty compelling fact I forgot to mention (that makes it even more difficult) is that one of his adult daughters has MS (multiple schlorosis). While I understand that she has this disease, she makes very poor choices for her life. For example, she is not married (25 yrs old) and the doctors told her to NOT get pregnant, yet what does she do? She gets pregnant because it's always been her desire to be a Mom. I dont mean to sound like a cold callous S.O.B., but isn't that somewhat selfish on her part bringing an innocent baby into this chaos???

Now, the baby is a year old, and she's suffering very badly because pregnancy takes it's toll on the disease and it has left her unable to walk, she can barely see, and she is staying with her Mom (my boyfriend's ex-wife) because she can't take care of herself. Where does that leave this poor baby? Having to be raised by a grandparent or that other irresponsible daughter (the baby's aunt). Of course, the baby's daddy is a no good bum with poor finances.

Sigh ....... and so the saga continues.

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