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ok,so here's my situation.....

I am a 28 year old single guy and theres a particular girl that I have an interest in. I work in a bank and shes a customer that comes in every so often. The problem is that I really want to talk to her and ask her to get together but I am looking for some advice on what exactly would be the best thing to say to her.

To provide a little background on the situation, I am 28 she is 25. I honestly have no idea if she has a boyfriend or not. I know her maybe around six months and I have never seen her with a guy but I know there is the possibility that she might not be single. Like I said, shes a customer at my job. I have had a few business dealings with her at work over the past few months and now I notice lately that she has become friendly towards me. I wouldn't even go as far as to say that shes very friendly because its not like when she comes in she has this whole big conversation with me because she doesn't. Its more like that when she comes in and sees my sitting at my desk, she will always atleast look in my direction and acknowledge me, maybe she just says a quick "hi, How are you" and smiles at me, that type of thing. I know its not much but I still think its better then her just walking right past me and ignoring me. So even though I don't know her very well, I feel like as if me and her know each other well enough that if I was to go up to her and start a conversation with her it woulnd't be like freaky to her or anything like that.

The real problem is I don't really know what to say. Generally what I would do in this type of situation would be I would start out by asking her if she has a boyfriend or not and if she were to say no then I would proceed to ask her out. But then again looking back in hindsight most of the girls that I asked out that way didn't end up working out. The other thing too is that I would really like to ask her out the next time I see her. I feel that I have already let her walk past me enough times in the past where we just said our hello's to each other and I have let the opportunity pass me by too many times as it is. Then about 30 seconds after she walks out the door I am like damn, why did I let her walk past me AGAIN and not say anything to her. I then find myself regretting it the rest of the day. I am also going to be going on vacation after next week for a week and a half and I know I wont see her during that time period so I am hoping to run into her this coming week sometime.

My question for all of you is what exactly should I say to her? Would it be too soon to ask her out? I especially would like to hear from the females on this. If you were her what would you want me to say? But as always everyone's feedback is welcomed. Thank You.


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