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So I have this friend-with-benefits that I am totally head over heels for, although he made it clear that he doesn't want a relationship. (Twice divorced and doesn't want to get hurt again). Sucks for me, yeah. I tell myself time and again that I will just go back to being his friend, but everytime I see him I just get knocked over. No going back now.

What really aggrivates me about him was that he saw me out with another guy a few weeks ago and now he is telling me that if I want to keep seeing him then I can't be with any other guys. (BTW the other guy was my boyfriend, who I AM TRYING TO break up with. But he will not leave me alone. I think he is missing parts of his brain. But that's a whole nother story).

Anyway. So I was kind of annoyed that my FWB had the nerve to say that to me, because of the fact that we see each other, on average, once or twice a week. And it's always when we go out with mutual friends. We never talk on the phone, we never make plans to hang out together. It's not like I would normally be cool with this sort of thing, but I'm screwed because I like him soooooo much. And I even told him how much I liked him, and how I couldn't sleep with him anymore, but then I kind of took it back the next time I saw him :dizzy:

So after he saw me out with my boyfriend that one time, he told me that he wasn't going to have anything else to do with me because I chose another guy over him. :confused: But then the next time I saw him after that we ended up hooking up again. I can't figure out why he thinks he has any right to tell me I have to be faithful to him. We RARELY SEE EACH OTHER! It's not like I necessarily want him being with any other women, and he says that he's not, but being that our relationship is as casual as it could possibly be I would not dare tell HIM that he has to be faithful to me. I couldn't even imagine having the balls to say that. I don't care what he does when we're not around each other - well yes, I DO care, but I don't feel I have any right to make demands of him.

I'm not saying I want to go out and bone all kinds of guys. I don't. And how would he even know if I did? But I'm just wondering - does he have any right to ask this of me? How do you tell someone "I'm not going to be your boyfriend" and then turn around and say "You have to sleep with only me or else you can't see me anymore." :confused: I want to say to him, "Fine, but we have to see each other more than once a freakin' week!" If I wasn't so crazy over him I would kick him in the head.

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