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Where to begin...I'll have to start off with telling you all every detail, it all started around 4 months ago, I met a gorgeous girl, it was at the end of a highschool camp. Only met 2 hours before the bus, I sat down and started sharing all my food with everyone, she took notice and we started talking from there. As soon as we got on the bus she gave me her number. She told me that her and her friends would like to come over to my place for a swim sometime. It was a Friday that day, didn't see or speak to her til monday @ school. After school we went to my place, she brought a friend with.(We didn't have much time they had to get back to the school for lifts home, so we had around 30 mins tops @ my place) Everything seemed ok. (Though we didn't actually swim)

So I started texting her, maybe once every 4 days, think I sent 3 SMS in total actually... think theThe sms said "hey how r u? You looked kinda upset today..Cheer up! Holidays on the 17th!" and something about my houseparty's date changing. (It never did happen, even though the house is nice my parents put their foot down and said no..) I think I sent another sms, though can't remember what. I never once got a reply. She said she didn't have airtime which seemed like an ok excuse but somewhat unlikely. A long weekend was coming up and I decided to just bite the bullet and ask her out, was the first time I'd ever asked a girl out before. I phoned and said hey! "I'm really bored this weekend and don't have plans til sunday, I was wondering if you'd like to go for drinks with me on Saturday?" She replied with "Yeah that sounds good, I'd like to, just gotta check my schedule and I'll phone you back on friday" On the Friday morning I sent an SMS saying "lookin forward to seein u" That evening I got a text message, she said she couldn't come but said she'd see me at a gig on Tuesday, I mentioned earlier that week that I was thinking of going to it. 5 minutes after reading the message I tried phoning her and got no response.

After giving up on phoning I decided to text her. "I'd just found out I had work on the day of the gig so I couldn't come and I asked if she'd like to reschedule for next weekend, no response there either." When school started the day after the gig I spoke to her, she used the airtime excuse. When I asked how the gig was she said "it was fine" Really looked as though she didn't wanna talk with me at all, after saying that she went over to her friends and left me standing there like an idiot. Anyways she started showing her friends pics of the gig on her phone. I asked, "whose that next to you?" She replied with, "my boyfriend" She told me when we first met that she was single, she must have met this guy at the gig. I did get around to asking what she would have said about the reschedule and she said she'd probably have work on that day.

So I gave up, got over it. (Switching to the present now,also the very important questions I have for you guys!"

There's a girl that I recently started talking to, I have two lessons where we sit next to eachother.It started with casual chat, we are always smiling and laughing together, I think we get on really well, I really like her a lot! I never did take much notice of her before and I can't believe I didn't. People have been openly teasing me, " I see you're really chatting her up there" or "How's things with her?" One guy even openly said to me in front of her, "you know I've noticed you always want to sit next to her, think I should take a picture of you two.." She never said anything to me about the teasing and I haven't said anything about it either.

One day she tells me, "There's a guy I got a crush on." I asked who, but she of course wouldn't say, so I asked if they were in the room now and she said no. I simply told her to be brave and ask if he liked her. The next day it was brought up again, I asked again who it was and she said she wouldn't say because he's in the class right now.(It was in a different class to the last that day.) She went on later to say that, she doesen't know if he's single or not and he hasn't bothered to ask her out, she then asked me if I think he's interested in her, I replied that I wasn't sure and that he should have asked her out by now.

(Question 1) Ummm I'm a guy, not really sure about this, she just randomly said there was someone she had a crush on 1 day.Not sure what to think of this one.

Anyways, we continue to still get along well I really like her. Now...this is the part that worries me, she is actually best friends with the previous girl mentioned. She was also the girl that came with the other to my house. I'm worried that if I ask this girl out, the previous girl could somehow try complicate things. best friends are best friends and I doubt she'd go out with me unless her best friend approved, no matter how much we like eachother.

(Question 2) Am I right about this? Could the previous girl have a negative impact? Your thoughts please!

About me - I'm a shy guy, 18, well built, I work out a lot, Looks aren't everything though. The only time I ever speak to this girl is in class, I'm never at school during breaks, always rushing back home to take care of things. It's pointless anyway, she's always with her friends during breaks.I also don't have her number yet, it doesen't bother me. This all started with this new girl around 5 weeks ago by the way.

I am dying to ask her out! Someone who I can make laugh and smile all the time is the right one for me, it in turn makes me happy too. I really think we belong to together, my feelings are so genuine..I'm thinking of asking her out during a break next week, alone of course. I'm kind of planning on saying something like this. "What I'm about to say takes a lot of courage, it's been known by a few throughout the school that I like you and they were right. For me there's no doubt about it, I like you..I know you liked someone else but it seems they haven't asked you out or anything. And...I can't help the way I feel,would you like to go out with me this Friday?"

I think I'll say something along those lines...Would I be making a fool out of myself? Pretty sure this is gonna be the first time someone has ever asked her out.Also note: She has never once spoken to me about her me and her best friend.

(Question 3) Is 5 weeks too little? I really don't want to wait too long, I really think we should be together. I want to ask her out! I'm not concerned about the fact that I don't have her number, I'm sure if she says "Yes" I'll get it and things will fall into place.

A big THANK YOU to all who read this! Thanks for your time. Please leave a comment/suggestion! I'll be checking back frequently!

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